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Get the hair blonde with enega professional hair blonder powder. It is Best to lighted the hair up to 8 level and then get the desired hair color of your choice.

About the Product

YAKSHA as the name suggest is the name of nature spirits, who are the care taker of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots. Yaksha Ayurvedic Hair Oil protects your natural treasure of hair from all hair problems. Yaksha Ayurvedic Hair Oil, which not only takes care of all hair problems but also promotes hair growth and makes them strong.

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Additional Information

It is special blended forrmula with natural herbs which has no adverse effect on health and could be used without any side effect. It’s regular use shows an excellent result in trating of the common hair problems and prolonged use makes hair healthy and strong and along with visibly enhanced hair growth.

Product Features:

12 Vital Herbs

This oil has been also enriched with Amla, Bhringraj, Neem, Henna, Jaswand Leaf, Green Tea Extract and various other excellent herbs which are proven.

Complete Solution

Treat hair problems and promotes hair growth.

Ayurvedic Product

Proven ayurvedic formula for all hair problem.Make in india: Patent ayurvedic formula with make in india tag.

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