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Enega body lotion is enriched with goodness of Goat Milk protein which and provide moisturisation all day long and make skin soft and supple

About the Product

Great moisturisation with goodness of Goat milk protien suitable for All skin.Make skin smooth and supple.

Available Sizes: 100ml,300ml & 500 ml

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Additional Information

Enega moisturising body Lotion is infused with multi-layer moisture and nutrients which penetrate the skin deep down absorbing quickly to leave your skin feeling healthy, soft, and glowing.

Leaves a long-lasting richly fragranced, non-greasy feel. This makes the lotion perfect for any season!

Product Features:

Smooth Body

Enega moisturising body lotion quickly absorbs, move layer to layer and provides long lasting miniaturization to the skin.

Get Rid of Dry Skin

The enega body lotion is very light & quick absorbing; ensuring that you don’t have that sticky feeling.

Made in India

International quality finest product with make in India tag.

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