Enega Body Lotion

Enega Body Lotion

Enega Body Lotion is a fantastic product available at your nearby cosmetic store. Available in three variants to cater wide skin types like normal and dry. Formulated with 100 % natural extracts of almond essentials, soya softness and aloe vera care.

Normal Skin

Enega moisturising body lotion with rich aloe vera provides deep moisturization & makes skin refreshing. ALOE VERA helps to keep your skin more hydrated with younger looks.

Dry Skin

Enega moisturising body lotion with non-greasy feel, gives deep long lasting moisturising to the skin. Leaves skin feel smooth and soft. SOYA helps to reduce skin dryness & improves the texture of the skin.

Enega moisturising body lotion with almond oil quickly absorbs, move layer to layer and provides long lasting moisturization to the skin. AlMOND OIL helps to make skin smooth and soft with deep moisturization.

Available bottle pack size: 20ml, 40ml, 100ml, 300ml, 500ml
Available sachet pack size: 10ml

Enega Body Lotion for Men and Women

  • natural black Almond
  • Copper Red Soya Softness
  • Dark Brown AloeVera Care
  • Dark Brown Almond Pouch
  • Dark Brown Soya Pouch
  • Dark Brown AloeVera Pouch